What should my child bring to class?

Sailors must bring a Coast Guard approved life jacket (Type III PFD) clearly marked with their name and have a whistle firmly attached. They should also wear closed, soft sole shoes (no flip flops!) If your child is enrolled in a full day class, come prepared with a healthy lunch! The yacht club has two refrigerators for lunches to be stored, if needed. Please bring lots of fluids to class! Water, juice, low-sugar and non-caffeinated beverages are best. HYC also has a water cooler in the club house, so remember to bring a re-useable water bottle! Don't forget sunblock, sunglasses, hats, as well as appropriate clothing including a change of clothes and rainy-day gear, and a towel. (Remember, it is usually much cooler on the water than at your house!)

Will my child have to demonstrate their ability to swim?

YES! We will conduct swim tests for all students (except the adult program) on the first day of lessons, so please bring a swimsuit and towel to the first day of class. Students must be able to:

- tread water for two minutes without a PFD

- swim 50 feet fully clothed, remove their clothes while treading water and put on their PFD

Please note* Swimming is only allowed in a designated area under the direct supervision of an Instructor.

It is raining!  Will my child have class?

Classes are held in all kinds of weather: even if it’s raining. The one exception is if there is a threat of severe storm or hurricane. In this event, class participants will be called at home, and informed of the decision to cancel class.

How do I know what class to enroll my child in?

If your child is new to sailing and 8 years old or older, they would typically start with our Recruits class.  

If your child is an intermediate sailor - and has a handle on beginner sailing topics such as points of sail, parts of the boat, and basic boat handling skills, they are probably a fit for our Mates class!

If your child is an advanced intermediate sailor looking for new challenges they typically would either move to ATG or Opti Race team!  Refer to our class descriptions page to help you decide what class would be a good fit!

If you would like additional input regarding what class would be the best fit for your child, feel free to contact our sailing director for their input!  sailingdirector.hyc@gmail.com

I am too big to sail an Opti?

The Optimist is the boat used for sailors - from beginners to racers, who weigh less than 125 lbs and can comfortably maneuver in the boat. The Optimist is the largest one-design class in the world with more than a half million boats being sailed and raced competitively around the world by kids ages 5-15!

How do I get in touch if my child won’t make it to class, or if I need to get a message him/her during the day?

Call HYC at 865-4949 or email sailingdirector.hyc@gmail.com

I am having some problems with online registration, Regpack. Can someone help me with this?

Yes, please email our registration guru, Sarah Kelley at sailingreg.hyc@gmail.com.

How do I learn more about Harraseeket Yacht Club?

We are glad you asked! Visit the club page at hyc.cc.